My name is Stacey Hall and I am the creative mastermind (lol) behind Toxic Sass! I am a sassy, crazy-at-home momma to 4 kiddos, 1 young man and 3 sassies in training(ahhhhhhh!) ages 12-3! I am happily married to my handsome hunk-a-hunk a burnin' love hubby Travis. I am a licensed cosmetologist and scrapbook maniac. 
One day I was wearing a new outfit and couldn't find a headband to match and thought to myself "self, do you think we could "scrapbook" with fabric and make a cute headband?" So I pulled out the sewing machine, and BAM! Toxic Sass was created. I love to create new headbands, rings and now bracelets to complete cute outfits. My headband can slide on the band to be worn on the head in different spots to optimize your sassy options! If you are interested in a little or a lot of Toxic Sass check me out!!