Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sad, Sad News at Toxic Sass...

Oh how sad I am to share this sad news! One of my favorite headband/wristie/lil's is going into retirement! Which one you ask? Well, it is Buttercup! Sniff! Sniff! I have not been able to find more fabric for the center piece of it. I have enough to make 1 more and then it is done! So if you have been thinking of getting one, you better snatch it now! If I happen to find that fabric again, I can bring it out of retirement, but not very likely!! :( Here is the listing for my little baby! If you want the last one you better snatch it up!

And never fear... more Toxic Sass to be created for tomorrow's showing!! So chin up Buttercups!


  1. Oh BOO HOO!!! Sad day:( Buttercup was one of my favorites. Well, she was good while she lasted. P.S. keep up the good work friend:)
    {love love}
    scrappin madge

  2. Oh That is so sad!! SO GLAD I GOT MINE!!!