Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sky Eyes

Ok, So my mom LOVES the color blue and has been wanting a blue headband. I finally got it done! Sorry momma, but it is finally shipped to you! ;)

While I was working on this one, the color kept reminding me of my Grandpa's eyes and our nickname for each other. Ever since I was a little girl we called each other Sky Eyes. It has been a special thing for me and even now when I go visit him, and his body and mind are not as they once were, he still calls me that, and it still makes my heart so happy. He is the most amazing man and I love him so much. We were lucky to grow up with our Grandparents across the road and they were a HUGE part of our lives. My Grandma passed away last November, and I know my sweet Grandpa misses her and can't wait to be with her again soon. But for now, I will enjoy my time with him and looking into his Sky eyes that I love so much.

So now, here is the Sky Eyes headband!

This is the narrower version which I have called Lite's. So if there is a headband you like and want narrower, ask for it in a Lite!


  1. I love it and the link of my favorite color to my wonderful Dad--it will mean even more to me--because like you, I will think of my Daddy whenever I wear it or look at it. Thank you for making a blue one for me!!!! I love you Stacey!

  2. Oh friend. I love this. How special that you could name this headband after something that is so dear to your heart! I am always amazed at your kindness and love. You truly are the giving tree:) I love ya friend. Way to go on this one:)
    {love love}